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AR 15 Carry Handle Mount

Mounting a Scope on the AR15 Carry Handle


So you want to put a scope on your carry handle?  As always, we will give you some facts and --- you make the choice

If you already have an AR with a carry handle it will be one of two types.  Either a fixed carry handle that cannot be removed. (well not easily removed)  or a removable carry handle.  The removable carry handle is made to fit on the flat top AR attached to the weaver rail.  If you do not have your AR yet, this might help you decide which AR you want to buy. 

Okay… with that behind us we’ll move on to the topic.  The height of a scope mount makes a HUGE difference in the bullet trajectory !   And the bullet trajectory makes a huge difference in how you are going to shoot your gun.  So we’ll just get right to the point here and I’ll give you some trajectory facts below.  These trajectories are all based on Zero wind (which does not effect drop) and the .223 Bullet using a 55 grain Full Metal Jacket.  

PIC diagram of a scope mounted on an ar 15 handrail
Mounted on 3" Carry Handle and Sighted In At:

25 Yards 100 Yards 200 Yards
0 -3
100 7.2
200 13
300 13.3
400 6.1
500 -11.1
0 -3
100 0
200 -1.3
300 -8.2
400 -22.6
500 -47
0 -3
100 0.7
200 0
300 -6.2
400 -19.9
500 -43.7


mounting scope on a flat top ar15

Mounted 1.5 inches on the rail of a flat top AR

25 Yards 100 Yards 200 Yards
0 -1.5
100 2.9
200 3
300 -2.5
400 -15.4
500 -38.5
0 -1.5
100 0
200 -2.8
300 -11.2
400 -27
500 -53
0 -1.5
100 1.4
200 0
300 -7
400 -21.4
500 -45.9

In looking at the top trajectory numbers with the scope mounted on the carry handle.... so much for the Magic at 25 Yards.  It's more like VooDoo at 25 yards.  So the height of your scope mount can and does make a real difference in what range you want to sight in your scope.  A scope mounted at 1.5 inches on a flat rail does have Magic at 25 yards -- but -- mounted at 3 inches on the carry handle changes the whold picture.  Here are a couple of PIC to show why.

tragectory of a 1.5 inch high scope mount

drawing of a scope mounted on an AR15 carry handle

Notice that the higher the mount is the greater the angle between the scope line of sight and the bullet trajectory is.  That angle is what makes a huge difference in what range you want to sight in your scope.  And of course the type of shooting you are going to do with your AR15 also plays a big role in sighting in your scope. 

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We give you the facts -- you make the choice